Sorticulture Celebration Discount 20% off all floats June 8-10

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In Celebration of Sorticulture Festival for those of you too far away to join us in person or if the rain keeps you away shop our store  June 8 through the 10 and save 20% on all floats by entering the code sorticulture2018 at checkout. 

June is upon us with the garden showing promise; weeding and mowing part of the weekly routine.


We love this time year as suddenly our living rooms double in size with a significant amount of entertaining and relaxing taking place in our backyards and on our decks.


While cleaning off the lawn furniture and finding the Tiki lamps in the garage attic why not add some sparkle and color to the garden, backyard, deck or pond.  Our float colors dance in the sunlight and add a creative flair to the new landscaping project underway.